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   Weston Data Systems has twenty five years experience in building maintenance and over nine years experience providing Preventive Maintenance Software and user friendly Work Order Programs with affordable pricing for large businesses or small businesses, facilities, buildings, manufacturing, schools, hospitals and much more.


WDS Preventive Maintenance and Work Order Software
is the focus of our business.
Maint Scheduling
    Preventive Maintenance Schedules are made EASY with our CMMS Maintenance Software programs which are designed for the long term care of buildings, property, and equipment.  We have provided scheduling and work order software for churches, schools, hospitals, hotels, property management, machine shops, and other facilities.  All of our preventive maintenance scheduling software will produce a weekly schedule, on regular intervals, at a very affordable price.
    With our building maintenance software you can easily take care of all scheduling needs and achieve the maximum life and efficiency from your facility, property, and building equipment. 
    Practicing preventive maintenance is a must to keep costly breakdowns to a minimum and our company is here to help with programs that can be used for large or small businesses that need a scheduling program and management software.  Our CMMS programs are proven to be of equal value in all or most facility applications for preventive maintenance.
    Repair tasks are made easy with our Work Order Software.  As well as having scheduling programs that also create work orders for items in the scheduling programs, we also feature customer work order program for all departments to send requests, with tracking of the work order progress, as well as man hour reports to use in your facility for reactive maintenance software needs.  
  Placed on a network or stand alone computer, it is a powerful tool to take care of and record daily repairs and problems that come up.  Cutting time on data entry is the focus of this work order software and we have made it as close to fun as possible by using mostly point and click for the data entry.
Below are the best features of our CMMS maintenance scheduling software,  work order software, and our company.
  • We provide Free Shipping on software.
  • We will help you all the way through getting maintenance scheduling or work order programs up and running in a timely manner.
  •  Preventive scheduling programs are created from personal  experience in property building care.
  • We welcome suggestions on software.
  • We provide timely, FREE program Tech Support.
  • Program Prices kept affordable to anyone.
  • All software is guaranteed to meet the customers satisfaction.
  • There are no multiple user fees on any program.
  • All programs receive FREE updates when they are available.


We are always striving to improve and add new programs for
scheduling and work order program solutions.

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